Dodgers: Yasiel Puig’s Wild Return to Los Angeles

Yasiel Puig has and always be a polarizing player and person. Polarizing is quite possibly an understatement. He maintained that status in his return to Chavez Ravine for the first time since he was shipped to Cincinnati along with beloved ex-Dodger Matt Kemp, Alex Wood, and Kyle Farmer.

It all started with this:

Signature Puig. I am not entirely sure if the number of minutes he showed up late were necessarily on purpose, but that is nearly an hour. Do not color me surprised, but that must have Bill Plaschke in a bad mood. The incident where he didn’t go meet key members of the organization to collect his National League championship ring was quite strange, as well.

Even though Puig is going to Puig, this is undeniably rude. Not only did he show up late for his presser, he stood up the organization that took a chance on him as a young man and blessed his life. Poor etiquette to say the least. Even more of it here:

Puig was undeniably a fan favorite as a member of many playoff-bound clubs and was a key driver in ticket sales. Still, the Dodgers will lead the league in attendance in 2019, with or without Yasiel. Book it.

Imagine being this full of yourself? Here, it appears that Yasiel demonstrates his appreciation for the camaraderie the Reds provide, even at the expense of winning. “We won’t do a lot of winning here in Cincy, but the camaraderie is to die for!”, said no one ever.

Puig found a friend in Joey Votto it seems. Good for him. Another one of his friends crashed his press conference.

One thing to respect from Yasiel was his comments about the fan base. He obviously misses being in Los Angeles even if he does not admit it. He loved it here and he loved the fans.

Nonetheless, Yasiel Puig rose to the occasion in his first at-bat against Clayton Kershaw.

Puig may no longer be our friend but maybe it is time we realize that we shouldn’t want him to be.

How did you feel about Yasiel’s return to Dodger Stadium?

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