Welcome To The Bluepen, 2018!!!

Blue, The Dodger Dog is ready for the 2018 baseball season. Hopefully, you’ll follow along as our beloved Dodgers march toward a sixth straight NL West division title and another shot at the World Series. Throughout the course of the year Blue will have plenty to say about the game and those who play it, cover it and the stories that surround it – all the highs and lows. Feel free to bark back! The Bluepen is open for business!


“I don’t know about you, but as FanFest and Spring Training approach, the pain of last November’s Game 7 is slowly ebbing away and is being replaced by the hope a new season brings. Don’t get me wrong, the only thing that will cleanse that bitter taste from my mouth is a World Series victory – in 2018.”


“In 2018 the Dodgers will be celebrating their 60th Anniversary of representing the great city of Los Angeles having played their first season on the West Coast (after moving from Brooklyn) in 1958. Seems like yesterday to me! Of course, I’m 448 (dog) years old and saw my first Dodger game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, so you have to cut me some slack.


The players will be wearing the nifty patch you see here on the sleeve of their uniforms in honor of this milestone. As an aside, the patch has a little symbolism associated with it.

Obviously, City Hall is featured and is one of the iconic images of  Los Angeles. You’ll note there are ten six-pointed stars on the patch. The six points represent the six decades of Dodger baseball played in L.A. The fact there are ten stars denotes the ten pennants won by the team in those six decades. Five of those stars are silver in color, representing the five World Championships won by the Dodgers in Southern California. Pretty cool, huh? Another note about the anniversary that is kind of interesting is that slowly but surely the franchise Los Angeles is gaining on Brooklyn for length of time being home to the team. Brooklyn was home for 68 years, now after 60 years in Hollywood you can start to feel settled into these new digs, right?”


“Today is Hall Of Fame announcement day and as excited as I am to celebrate the greatness of those being enshrined this year I can’t help but be reminded of some Dodger greats that I believe should be in the Hall.

Gil Hodges should be in the Hall Of Fame. Period. No excuse. His impact on and participation in some of the most historic games ever played shouldn’t be ignored. If his days as a player isn’t enough, how about being the manager of the 1969 Amazin’ Mets? Come on, it’s Gil Hodges!

I would also lobby for a couple of Los Angeles Dodgers who I think have been under-appreciated, Steve Garvey and Fernando Valenzuela. Both of those players will be the subjects of future Bluepen features. Stay tuned.”


A little trivia … the color blue is associated with the Dodgers in a way that is unique. “Dodger Blue” is a phrase familiar to sports fans everywhere. But did you know that during the 1937 season the Brooklyn team played in green unis? The team did so poorly that year that the switch back to blue was a no-brainer. Of course, under the O’Malley family’s rule it was only natural to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day Spring Training exhibition game in “Dodger Green,” a  custom that as since been adopted by all of the MLB teams. Another example of the Dodgers influence on the game.


This Saturday, Dodgers Bluepen will join thousands of other fans at Dodger Stadium for the annual FanFest, the real kick-off to the new season. We’ll be in line at the VIP Experience for the Vin Scully Press Box tour (watch out Joe and Orel!) as well as the Museum Tour with Steve Yeager. Hope to see you there!

About The Author

Philip Fountain is a cartoonist, better known as "Philbert," who currently draws and writes for DodgersBluePen.com, a website dedicated to the only baseball team that matters, The Los Angeles Dodgers.

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