Dodgers Rumors: “Difference Between” Cody Bellinger and Jose De Leon to Front Office

The Dodgers are reportedly willing to part with Jose De Leon for Brian Dozier. The same cannot be said for Cody Bellinger, who has been excluded in trade talks, according to multiple reports.

Ken Gurnick appeared on and discussed Bellinger, De Leon and Dozier.

“As far as a young power hitter coming up who can play the outfield or first base, they don’t have depth there,” Gurnick said. “So I can’t imagine they’d be willing to trade Cody Bellinger, who’s their No. 1 prospect right now, for a two-year rental, basically, at second base, as much as they would like to have Brian Dozier. And I think if they’re offering (Jose) De Leon, they’re showing that they would like to have Dozier. But there’s a difference between De Leon, in their mind, and Cody Bellinger.”

That’s not exactly breaking news, but notable. If the Dozier negotiations fall apart, it will be public knowledge the Dodgers are more willing to move De Leon than Bellinger. In future trade rumors, De Leon is almost certain to warrant mention from the opposing general manager.

There’s no reason to believe the Dodgers have soured on De Leon. He’s still their second ranked prospect. They do appear willing to move him in the right deal, which indicates he’s not an indelible piece to their future rotation. Bellinger, on the other hand, is considered Adrian Gonzalez’s eventual replacement. Los Angeles seems to consider him the most valuable asset in its minor league system and barring an extraordinary blockbuster he’s destined for Chavez Ravine.

If the Dozier deal collapses it will be intriguing to see how the Dodgers pivot. With Minnesota’s refusal to alter its stance (whatever that may be), L.A. has likely already started exploring alternatives, including Tampa Bay’s Logan Forsythe, Detroit’s Ian Kinsler and possibly Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun. The Dodgers could also re-sign Chase Utley and give more at-bats to Kike Hernandez then reassess its position closer to the trade deadline.

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