Dodgers Rumors: Brian Dozier Trade Talks At “Standstill”

In the latest news regarding the Dodgers and Minnesota Twins second baseman Brian Dozier, the parties can’t agree on who is going to the Twin Cities alongside Jose De Leon, according to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports.

Heyman said the teams have been negotiating for weeks, but talks may be at an impasse. Both teams want to headline the deal with De Leon, but are struggling with the rest of the deal, or as Heyman said, the “second and possibly third pieces.”

The Twins are comfortable keeping Dozier, a source told Heyman. Dozier is scheduled to participate in a fan fest in late January. The Dodgers have other options, namely Ian Kinsler and Logan Forsythe, but cutting off Dozier talks provides the Detroit Tigers and Tampa Bay Rays leverage they didn’t previously have.

Heyman said Minnesota initially wanted Cody Bellinger in the trade, but that request went nowhere. The Twins have a “pitching-heavy” list of prospects they’d accept, but the names don’t line up with the Dodgers’ preferences.

Yadier Alvarez and Walker Buehler, two high-ranking pitching prospects in the Dodgers system, are unlikely to be included. Heyman said “some believe” L.A. prefers both to De Leon.

A trade between the cross-league foes remains the best avenue for both front offices. Dozier addresses the Dodgers’ two most glaring weaknesses, while Minnesota can decorate its rebuild with high-end pitching, including a potential front line starter in De Leon.

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