Memorabilia Display Options For Bad Memories

Like most Dodgers Fans, I can hold a grudge against those whom I feel harm or damage the image of the greatest franchise in Baseball. for a long, long time. Forgiveness is not an option in some cases.



How would this Christmas Ball look on your tree?

Given that, perhaps the single most vile and hated figure in recent Dodgers history would have to be The Parking Lot Guy, former team owner, Frank (blech) McCourt (spit twice, cross yourself, spin around, spit again). We won’t list his crimes against our team here, no need to re-live the horror, suffice to say only McCourt is sinister enough to make The Evil Cheeto, Der Trumpf, look like freaking Santa Claus.


So, when I saw that our friends at Pantone 294 were shoveling out their Merch Basement and were offering a signed Frank McCourt baseball at the clearance price of $1.49, I had to have it.

Well, now I have it. So, what should I do with it? I’d like to display it in an appropriate manner but, HOW?

I thought maybe I could put it on a stand with pins stuck into it like a voodoo doll. Perhaps it would have the happy side-effect of causing sharp pains to a correspondingly shaped Frank McCourt body part. Well, one can dream. But, is that a suitable display option.

Maybe just some kind of stand or figurine the expresses my feelings for Frank. Maybe a toy toilet figurine? Or maybe something like this: trash-cans That seems about right, doesn’t it? Hey, I’m open to suggestions!

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Philip Fountain is a cartoonist, better known as "Philbert," who currently draws and writes for, a website dedicated to the only baseball team that matters, The Los Angeles Dodgers.

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